I live and work in Coventry, UK. My photography in the main, is about, or of, Coventry. I try to find a way of seeing that moves past the generating of a negative or a digital file, to be able to better understand my relationship both to myself, and the larger narrative of my social, political and built environment. I pursue ideas that are rooted in a documentary approach, and attached to observations of repetition, habit, change and degradation. Sometimes, such an approach may prove to be only a starting point, and a pathway of transformation will evolve towards a fine art realisation. I make use of text, ink, plant dye and paints to interact with my work, to deconstruct, destroy or alter, and always at the back of my mind is an anticipation of the journey that will occur between firing the shutter, and realising the final image. 



Highland Road Allotment - Coventry, UK 2020

The Unfinished City - Volgograd, Russia 2019


Meanwhile Exhibition - Shop Front Theatre, Coventry, UK June 2020

Coventry Open  - Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, UK, February 2020

Glasgow Gallery of Photography, UK, June 2019

RBSA Photo Prize, Royal Birmingham Society of Arts, UK, March 2019

The Temperance Bar, Leamington Spa, UK, February 2019


'Broad Lane' Uncertain Magazine, Featured Artist, August 2020

Secret Knock Zine, Featured Artist, March 2020

Turn Up For Life (self-published photo book) 2020

Silver Pictures Move So Slow (self-published photo book)  2020

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